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Our family is certain you will find comfort in every cup.

Hot Ruby’s namesake, Ruby Faye, loved God, family, friends, and gatherings including each of those! When entering her home, you could smell the Hot Ruby simmering on the stove and feel the love she had for all who entered. Now, you can enjoy the same Hot Ruby that has been a tradition for Ruby’s family and friends.

Ruby Faye was born in Maybelle, Texas. In 1950, she and her husband, Roy, established their home together on a South Plains Texas farm. When Ruby began making Hot Ruby for her family many years ago, she didn’t know the cranberries she cooked and the love she added would be enjoyed by so many people for years to come.

Hot Ruby is the perfect addition to your mug on a cozy evening or as a mixer in your cocktail. Unlike typical cider, our family recipe marries cranberry and citrus juices with an exquisite blend of spices. Add your favorite spirits for a special treat! Our family is certain you will find comfort in every heated or iced cup of Hot Ruby, time and time again.

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