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1. What is the shelf life of unopened Hot Ruby?
The “Best if Used By” date on our cranberry cider is two years from the bottling date. That date can be found on the bottle, below the neck. You might have to hold the bottle under a light and move the product around as it’s easier to see the numbers that way.

2. What’s the shelf life of an opened bottle of Hot Ruby?
There is no calculated shelf life for opened bottles. However, if kept in the refrigerator after opening, it will last for a good while.

3. What about artificial dyes or preservatives?
We use neither in our products! The deep, rich color of our cider comes from Wisconsin cranberries, and Hot Ruby is a high acid, low pH beverage, so no preservatives are necessary. Both our cider and our Sweet Ruby gourmet sauce are hot-filled so that when you open, it’s just like Ruby made it!

4. Does Hot Ruby contain alcohol?
No, it does not. Ruby would never have dreamed of putting alcohol in her cider! But if you like a more “spirited” beverage, it does well with almost every kind of liquor, wine or sparkling wine! Try any of our recipes on the recipe card that came with the bottle, or check out or recipe page on this website and see what’s new!

5. Are your products gluten free?
Although we do not yet have the GF certification, there are no ingredients containing gluten in our products.

6. Does Hot Ruby contain high fructose corn syrup?
No way! We use pure cane sugar, just like Ruby Faye did!

7. Can kids drink Hot Ruby?
Sure! Because it contains no alcohol, it makes a great special occasion drink for the kiddos! Ruby’s grandkids and great grandkids have grown up enjoying her cider & yours will too.

8. What is Sweet Ruby?
Sweet Ruby is our gourmet sauce made with a base of our cranberry cider. We added pecans, pineapple,
cranberries and a whole lot of love! Served over ice cream, pound cake, or cheesecake, you won’t find an easier and more delectable dessert!

9. Is Sweet Ruby only for desserts?
Certainly not! Check the little recipe topper on the jar, and you’ll find lots of ways our customers have enjoyed it. From warm Brie cheese to pork roast, you won’t be disappointed when you serve it!

10. What if none of our local stores have Hot Ruby yet?
We have you covered! Just head on over to our shop page and you can order any of our products directly from us. We even have free shipping!

11. How can I send some to my friends or family members?
We have you covered there as well! When you buy directly from our website, you have the option to ship to a different address. Just tell us where it’s going. We’ll drop ship it directly to them, and you can even include your personal message we will hand write on one of special gift cards.

12. What if I want to serve Hot Ruby at my wedding reception or my mom’s retirement party or my best friend’s shower?
No worries! You can order Hot Ruby in our plastic gallons made just for that special celebration! And remember, it’s the only beverage that is delicious both hot and cold and fabulous with our without added alcohol. So no matter what the occasion or the weather, we promise it will add the finishing touch to any gathering!

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